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2014-2015 Registration Dates for all leagues and Rookies:

  Saturday Sept 6:  9:00 am - 1:00 pm HBT
  Thursday Sept 11: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm HBT (Note time
  change. Originally scheduled for 7:00)

  Registration forms for Rookie League are not available
  yet, they should be available some time next week.    
  We will not be accepting any registration forms prior
  to the first registration date. Registration will be
  on a first come first serve basis.

Congratulations team Breslow for winning the Boys 6th grade travel championship

   Congratulations to Team Flaum for winning the Boys
   3rd/4th grade championship with an exciting 39-33
   victory over team Joe.

   Congratulations to Team Friedson for winning the
   Boys 5th/6th grade league championship.
   Congratulations to Team Ryback for winning the
   Boys 7th/8th grade league championship.

   Congratulations to Team Machson for winning the
   Boys 9th/10th grade league championship.

   Congratulations to Team Parker for winning the Boys
   11th and 12th Grade Championship!!!!

   Congratulations to Team Somkin for winning the
   Girls 3rd/4th grade league championship.

   Congratulations to Team Kaplan for winning the
   Girls 5th/6th grade league championship.

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It is the leagues policy not to add any player to a team once the leagues draft has concluded. This is in an effort to maintain the integrity of the draft and an effort to try an achieve a balance among teams. We do not want the level of play of a late registrant to be a factor in whether we allow the player to join. It is our desire that every player who wants to play should play but we must establish a cutoff at some point.

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